Saturday, 24 September 2016

Stop me if you think you've heard this one before

Jeremy CORBYN313,20961.8%
Owen SMITH193,22938.2%

JEREMY CORBYN strengthened his position as Labour leader after he easily defeated rival candidate Owen Smith in their head-to-head contest.

Mr Corbyn received a second large mandate in just over 12 months, collecting 313,209 votes (61.8%), compared to Mr Smith's 193,229 (38.2%).

And so, it now seems inevitable that Mr Corbyn will lead his party into the next general election, whether that is in 2020 or sooner.

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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Rio 2016 Paralympics GB roll of honour

 Preview - Results/table

MEDAL TABLE Final standings 
1China (CHN)1078151239
2Great Britain & NI (GBR)643944147
3Ukraine (UKR)413739117
4United States (USA)404431115
5Australia (AUS)22302981
6Germany (GER)18251457
7Netherlands (NED)17192662
8Brazil (BRA)14292972
9Italy (ITA)10141539
10Poland (POL)9181239
11Spain (ESP)914831
12France (FRA)951428
13New Zealand (NZL)95721
14Canada (CAN)8101129
15Iran (IRI)89724
16Uzbekistan (UZB)861731
17Nigeria (NGR)82212
18Cuba (CUB)81615
19Belarus (BLR)80210
20South Korea (KOR)7111735
21Tunisia (TUN)76619
22South Africa (RSA)76417
23Thailand (THA)66618
24Greece (GRE)54413
25Belgium (BEL)53311
25Slovakia (SVK)53311
27Algeria (ALG)45716
28Ireland (IRE)44311
29Mexico (MEX)42915
30Egypt (EGY)35412
31Serbia (SRB)3249
32Norway (NOR)3238
33Morocco (MAR)3227
34Turkey (TUR)3159
35Kenya (KEN)3126
36Malaysia (MAS)3014
37Colombia (COL)251017
38United Arab Emirates (UAE)2417
39Iraq (IRQ)2305
40Hong Kong (HKG)2226
41Croatia (CRO)2215
41Switzerland (SUI)2215
43India (IND)2114
44Lithuania (LTU)2103
45Latvia (LAT)2024
46Singapore (SGP)2013
47Hungary (HUN)18918
48Azerbaijan (AZE)18211
49Sweden (SWE)14915
50Austria (AUT)14412
51Czech Republic (CZE)1247
51Denmark (DEN)1247
53Namibia (NAM)1225
54Argentina (ARG)1135
55Vietnam (VIE)1124
56Finland (FIN)1113
56Trinidad & Tobago (TTO)1113
58Kazakhstan (KAZ)1102
58Slovenia (SLO)1102
60Bahrain (BRN)1001
60Bulgaria (BUL)1001
60Georgia (GEO)1001
60Kuwait (KUW)1001
64Japan (JPN)0101424
65Venezuela (VEN)0336
66Jordan (JOR)0213
67Qatar (QAT)0202
68Chinese Taipei (TPE)0112
69Bosnia-Herzegovina (BIH)0101
69Ethiopia (ETH)0101
69Ivory Coast (CIV)0101
69Uganda (UGA)0101
73Portugal (POR)0044
74Israel (ISR)0033
75Mongolia (MGL)0022
76Cape Verde Islands (CPV)0011
76Indonesia (INA)0011
76Mozambique (MOZ)0011
76Pakistan (PAK)0011
76Philippines (PHI)0011
76Romania (ROU)0011
76Saudi Arabia (KSA)0011
76Sri Lanka (SRI)0011

ROLL OF HONOUR Paralympics GB medals
108-SepMegan GIGLIACyclingC1-3Women's individual pursuit
208-SepSarah STOREYCyclingC5Women's individual pursuit
308-SepOllie HYNDSwimmingS8Men's 400m freestyle
408-SepStephen BATE
[Adam Duggleby]
CyclingBMen's individual pursuit
508-SepBethany FIRTHSwimmingS14Women's 100m backstroke
609-SepSophie THORNHILL
[Helen Scott]
CyclingBWomen's individual time trial
709-SepGeorgina HERMITAGEAthleticsT37Women's 100m
809-SepJody CUNDYCyclingC4-5Men's 1000m time trial
909-SepSophie HAHNAthleticsT38Women's 100m
1009-SepEllie ROBINSONSwimmingS6Women's 50m butterfly
1109-SepLibby CLEGG
[Chris Clarke]
AthletlicsT11Women's 100m
1209-SepJonnie PEACOCKAthleticsT44Men's 100m
1310-SepAndy LEWISParatriathlonPT2Men's event
1410-SepHannah COCKROFTAthleticsT34Women's 100m
1510-SepKadeena COXCyclingC4-5Women's 500m time trial
1611-SepRachel MORRISRowing
Women's single sculls
1711-SepLauren ROWLES
Mixed double sculls
1811-SepDaniel BROWN
James FOX
Oliver JAMES (cox)
Mixed coxed four
1911-SepLora TURNHAM
[Corrine Hall]
CyclingBWomen's individual pursuit
2011-SepJon-Allan BUTTERWORTH
Mixed team sprint
2111-SepBethany FIRTHSwimmingS14Women's 200m freestyle
2211-SepRichard WHITEHEADAthleticsT42Men's 200m
2311-SepJoanna BUTTERFIELDAthleticsF51Women's club throw
2412-SepAled DAVIESAthleticsF42Men's shot put
2512-SepWill BAYLEYTable tennisC-7Men's individual
2612-SepSascha KINDREDSwimmingSM6Men's 200m individual medley
2712-SepEleanor SIMMONDSSwimmingSM6Women's 200m individual medley
2812-SepSusie RODGERSSwimmingS7Women's 50m butterfly
2913-SepGeorgina HERMITAGEAthleticsT37Women's 400m
3013-SepRob DAVIESTable tennisC-2Men's individual
3113-SepHollie ARNOLDAthletics
Women's javelin
3213-SepStephanie MILLWARDSwimmingS8Women's 100m backstroke
3313-SepLibby CLEGG
[Chris Clarke]
AthleticsT11Women's 200m
3413-SepMatthew WYLIE SwimmingS9Men's 50m freestyle
3514-SepSarah STOREYCyclingC5Women's time trial
3614-SepKaren DARKECyclingH1-3Women's time trial
3714-SepKadeena COXAthleticsT38Women's 400m
3814-SepSophie WELLSEquestrianIVIndividual championship test
3914-SepStephen BATE
[Adam Duggleby]
CyclingBMen's time trial
4014-SepHannah COCKROFTAthleticsT34Women's 400m
4114-SepMichael JONESSwimmingS7Men's 400m freestyle
4214-SepHannah RUSSELLSwimmingS12Women's 100m backstroke
4314-SepAaron MOORESSwimmingSB14Men's 100m breaststroke
4415-SepJeanette CHIPPINGTONParacanoeingKL1Women's event
4515-SepEmma WIGGSParacanoeingKL2Women's event
4615-SepAnne DICKINSParacanoeingKL3Women's event
4715-SepNatasha BAKEREquestrianIIIndividual championship test
4815-SepSophie CHRISTIANSENEquestrianIaIndividual championship test
Natasha BAKER
Sophie WELLS
Team test
5016-SepPaul BLAKEAthleticsT36Men's 400m
5116-SepLee PEARSONEquestrianIbIndividual freestyle test
5216-SepDavid SMITHBocciaBC1Individual event
5316-SepNatasha BAKEREquestrianIIIndividual freestyle test
5416-SepSophie CHRISTIANSENEquestrianIaIndividual freestyle test
5516-SepGordon REIDW-chair tennis
Men's singles
5616-SepHannah COCKROFTAthleticsT34Women's 800m
5716-SepJohn WALKERArcheryW1Men's individual compound
5816-SepClaire CASHMORE
Stephanie MILLWARD
Stephanie SLATER
Alice TAI
Swimming34ptsWomen's 4 x 100m medley relay
5917-SepJessica STRETTONArcheryW1Women's individual compound
6017-SepSarah STOREYCyclingC4-5Women's road race
6117-SepJohn WALKER
ArcheryW1Team compound
6217-SepOllie HYNDSwimmingSM8Men's 200m individual medley
6317-SepHannah RUSSELLSwimmingS12Women's 50m freestyle
6417-SepBethany FIRTHSwimmingSM14Women's 200m individual medley

108-SepCrystal LANECyclingC5Women's individual pursuit
208-SepHarriet LEESwimmingSB9Women's 100m breaststroke
308-SepJonathan FOXSwimmingS7Men's 100m backstroke
409-SepStefanie REIDAthleticsF44Women's long jump
509-SepAli JAWADPowerlifting
Men's -59kg
609-SepStephanie SLATERSwimmingS8Women's 100m butterfly
710-SepKare ADENEGANAthleticsT34Women's 100m
810-SepToby GOLDAthleticsT33Men's 100m
911-SepLauren STEADMANParatriathlonPT4Women's event
1011-SepNeil FACHIE
[Peter Mitchell]
CyclingBMen's 1000m time trial
1111-SepAlison PATRICK
[Hazel Smith]
ParatriathlonPT5Women's event
1211-SepRebecca REDFERNSwimmingSB13Women's 100m breaststroke
1311-SepThomas HAMERSwimmingS14Men's 200m freestyle
1411-SepJessica-Jane APPLEGATESwimmingS14Women's 200m freestyle
1512-SepJodie GRINHAM
Team compound open
1612-SepJonathan BROOM-EDWARDSAthleticsT44Men's high jump
1713-SepPiers GILLIVERW-chr fencingAMen's individual épée
1813-SepOllie HYNDSwimmingS8Men's 100m backstroke
1914-SepLee PEARSONEquestrianIbIndividual championship test
2014-SepJonathan FOXSwimmingS7Men's 400m freestyle
2114-SepAndy LAPTHORNEW-chr tennis
Quad singles
2214-SepBethany FIRTHSwimmingS14Women's 100m backstroke
2314-SepScott QUINSwimmingSB14Men's 100m breaststroke
2414-SepClaire CASHMORESwimmingSB8Women's 100m breaststroke
2515-SepAnne DUNHAMEquestrianIaIndividual championship test
2615-SepRichard WHITEHEADAthleticsT42Men's 100m
2715-SepGordon REID
W-chr tennis
Men's doubles
2815-SepKadeena COX
Maria LYLE
Sophie HAHN
AthleticsT35-38Women's 4 x 100m
2916-SepSophie WELLSEquestrianIVIndividual freestyle test
3016-SepAnne DUNHAMEquestrianIIIndividual freestyle test
3116-SepDavid STONECyclingT1-2Men's road race
3216-SepAlfie HEWITTW-chr tennis
Men's singles
3316-SepAndrew MULLENSwimmingS5Men's 50m backstroke
3417-SepJo FRITHArcheryW1Women's individual compound
3517-SepStephanie MILLWARDSwimmingSM8Women's 200m individual medley
3617-SepAbby KANESwimmingS13Women's 100m backstroke
3717-SepPaul BLAKEAthleticsT36Men's 800m
3817-SepThomas HAMERSwimmingSM14Men's 200m individual medley
3917-SepJessica-Jane APPLEGATESwimmingSM14Women's 200m individual medley

108-SepStephanie MILLWARDSwimmingS8Women's 400m freestyle
208-SepJessica-Jane APPLEGATESwimmingS14Women's 100m backstroke
308-SepAndrew MULLENSwimmingS5Men's 400m freestyle
409-SepZoe NEWSONPowerlifting
Women's 45kg
509-SepGemma PRESCOTTAthleticsF32Women's club throw
609-SepKadeena COXAthleticsT38Women's 100m
709-SepSusie RODGERSSwimmingS7Women's 50m freestyle
809-SepLouis ROLFECyclingC3Men's individual pursuit
909-SepLewis WHITESwimmingS9Men's 400m freestyle
1010-SepSabrina FORTUNEAthleticsF20Women's shot put
1110-SepAndrew SMALLAthleticsT33Men's 100m
1210-SepAlice TAISwimmingS10Women's 100m backstroke
1311-SepTom AGGARRowing
Men's single sculls
1411-SepSophie THORNHILL
[Helen Scott]
CyclingBWomen's individual pursuit
1511-SepMelissa REID
[Nicole Walters]
ParatriathlonPT5Women's event
1611-SepAmy MARRENSwimmingSM9Women's 200m individual medley
1711-SepDavid HENSONAthleticsT42Men's 200m
1811-SepJosef CRAIGSwimmingS8Men's 100m freestyle
1911-SepStephanie MILLWARDSwimmingS8Women's 100m freestyle
2013-SepStephen MILLERAthleticsF32Men's club throw
2113-SepJamie BURDEKIN
W-chr tennis
Quad doubles
2213-SepEleanor SIMMONDSSwimmingS6Women's 400m freestyle
2313-SepLucy SHUKER
Jordanne WHILEY
W-chr tennis
Women's doubles
2414-SepMaria LYLEAthleticsT35Women's 100m
2514-SepDavid STONECyclingT1-2Men's time trial
2614-SepLora TURNHAM
[Corrine Hall]
CyclingBWomen's time trial
2714-SepKare ADENEGANAthleticsT34Women's 400m
2814-SepSusie RODGERSSwimmingS7Women's 400m freestyle
2915-SepIan MARSDENParacanoeingKL1Men's event
3015-SepNick BEIGHTONParacanoeingKL2Men's event
3115-SepCharlotte HENSHAWSwimmingS6Women's 100m breaststroke
3216-SepWill BAYLEY
Table tennisC6-8Men's team
3316-SepDan GREAVESAthleticsF44Men's discus
3416-SepKare ADENEGANAthetlicsT34Women's 800m
3516-SepHannah RUSSELLSwimmingS13Women's 100m freestyle
3617-SepCrystal LANECyclingC4-5Women's road race
3717-SepVicky JENKINSArcheryW1Women's individual compound
3817-SepMaria LYLEAthleticsT35Women's 200m
3917-SepMen's GB TEAMW-chr basketball
Men's event
4017-SepHelen LUCASSailing
One-person keelboat
4117-SepAlexandra RICKHAM
Two-person keelboat
4217-SepStephen BATE
[Adam Duggleby]
CyclingBMen's road race
4317-SepEllie ROBINSONSwimmingS6Women's 100m freestyle
4417-SepAndrew MULLENSwimmingS5Men's 100m freestyle

Related RIO 2016 OLYMPICS Roll of honour

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Rio 2016 Paralympics: On a level... aren't they?

SUPERCHARGED British athletes are set to take to the stage from tonight as the 15th edition of the Summer Paralympic Games begins in Rio de Janeiro.

The spotlight for the next 11 days will fix itself firmly on the likes of Jonnie Peacock, David Weir, Ellie Simmonds and flagbearer Lee Pearson as Paralympics GB look to emulate the overseas success of their Team GB Olympic counterparts.

Officially, UK Sport - the nation's high performance funding agency - has set Paralympics GB a target of 121 medals, one more than in London four years ago.

And, while that might sound extremely ambitious, Great Britain - as the spiritual home of the competition - has a fine Paralympics tradition.

In fact, rather impressively, the British team has always finished in the top five of the Paralympics medal table, and furthermore has finished in the top three in 12 of the 14 editions held so far.

In all-but-one of the last nine Games, Britain has won more than 100 medals - and the one occasion on which the ton was missed, at Athens 2004, there were still 94 medals collected.

Yet, despite these fine achievements, there lingers a justified feeling among some Paralympians that they are second-class athletes - and this really should not be the case at all.

After all, it goes against the whole point of the Paralympics in which the para- part simply refers to the Ancient Greek suffix meaning beside or alongside.

Far from the misconception that the word derives from paralysis or even paraplegic, the Paralympics are therefore meant to be considered parallel to the Olympics.

Unfortunately, the problem with the build-up to Rio 2016 is that this has clearly not been the case.
In contast to London, the Paralympics in Rio do not appear to have captured the imagination of the public. 

Reported ticket sales have been desperately slow with only 12% of an original target of 3.3 million tickets sold by mid-August.

Tanni Grey-Thompson, an 11-time Paralympic champion, wrote in the Telegraph: "The prospect of competing in front of near empty stadiums is demoralising."

But Baroness Grey-Thompson also pointed out a much bigger issue has been the way that Paralympics funding has been cut following an over-spend on the Olympics by the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee.

"Never before in the 56-year history of the Paralympic Games have we faced circumstances like this," said International Paralympic Committee president Sir Philip Craven.

The cuts mainly relate to transport services for athletes and their teams, and the closure of a number of venue media centres. Some public parties and gatherings related to the Games have also been cancelled.

At least, thankfully, all 165 competing countries will be able to attend the Games - something which did not look entirely likely at the end of July when the deadline for the issuing of travel grants had been missed by the organisers.

But, of course, it is not just in the organisation of the Paralympic Games that disabled athletes have faced discrimination. Arguably, it is still institutionally prevalent in many sectors.

Just this week, British double Paralympic champion Hannah Cockroft accused sportswear giants Nike and Adidas of not sponsoring her simply because she does not wear shoes during her wheelchair races.

"I wear a shirt, I wear trousers, I wear shoes on the podium when I'm collecting a gold medal. But apparently because that's not when I'm competing, that’s not enough.

"I've been told this by Nike, Adidas, all the big brands. I told them it was discrimination. It is discrimination."

Meanwhile, back in Britain, brutal cuts to the motability allowance by the Conservative government have directly affected Paralympic athletes, as well as thousands of other people.

Determination is undoubtedly one of the greatest strengths of an Olympic or Paralympic athlete, however.

And, if anything, the setbacks and difficulties simply add further fuel to the competitive fires burning deep inside.

Certainly, it is going to make for another great 11 days of sporting drama on television with coverage in the United Kingdom provided, for the second Games in a row, by Channel 4.

Deservedly remaining the televisual home of disability sport, the broadcaster did an excellent job in London 2012 of explaining the rules of the different events and the classifications of the athletes.

The classifications system is sometimes not too easy for the casual viewer to understand and, indeed, it has even been claimed by certain athletes that it can be manipulated by others to boost their medal chances.

IPC head Mr Craven defended the system and said it was "permanently being reviewed".

Meanwhile, British Paralympic Association boss Tim Hollingsworth said: "We are here to win medals, but within both the letter and the spirit of the Paralympics."

Clearly then, the build-up to these Games has not been straightforward in the least - and there are also much wider arguments still to be had over the treatment of disabled people in society generally.

For now, though, it is time to enjoy a bit of sport - so sit back and prepare to be amazed once again by the events in Rio.

It is time for the curtain to be raised. It is time for the Paralympic Games.
Paralympics team

Michael Hall, John Stubbs, Nathan McQueen, Jodie Grinham, David Phillips, Tania Nadarajah, John Walker, John Cavanagh, Jo Frith, Vicky Jenkins, Jessica Stretton
Men - track

Graeme Ballard, Paul Blake, Dan Bramall, Mickey Bushell, Richard Chiassaro, Toby Gold, David Henson, Jordan Howe, Moatez Jomni, Rhys Jones, Simon Lawson, Stephen Morris, Stephen Osborne, Jonnie Peacock, Derek Rae, Ben Rowlings, Andrew Small, Isaac Towers, David Weir, Richard Whitehead
Women - track
Kare Adenegan, Olivia Breen, Libby Clegg [guide: Chris Clarke], Hannah Cockroft, Kadeena Cox, Sophie Hahn, Georgina Hermitage, Jade Jones, Sophie Kamlish, Samantha Kinghorn, Maria Lyle, Polly Maton, Mel Nicholls, Julie Rogers, Laura Sugar, Carly Tait
Men - field

Jonathan Broom-Edwards, Aled Davies, Kyron Duke, Dan Greaves, Stephen Miller, Sam Ruddock, Kieran Tscherniawsky
Women - field
Hollie Arnold, Olivia Breen, Joanna Butterfield, Vanessa Daobry, Sabrina Fortune, Kylie Grimes, Abbie Hunnisett, Beverley Jones, Polly Maton, Holly Neill, Gemma Prescott, Stefanie Reid
[Competition partner]

David Smith [Sarah Nolan], Nigel Murray, Joshua Rowe, Claire Taggart, Jamie McCowan [Linda McCowan], Scott McCowan [Gary McCowan], Patrick Wilson [Kim Smith], Evie Edwards, Stephen McGuire, Kieran Steer
Cycling - Road

Stephen Bate [Adam Duggleby], Neil Fachie [Peter Mitchell], James Ball [Craig MacLean], Sophie Thornhill [Helen Scott], Lora Turnham [Corrine Hall], Kadeena Cox, Crystal Lane, Karen Darke, Hannah Dines, David Stone, Megan Giglia, Sarah Storey
Cycling - Track

Stephen Bate [Adam Duggleby], Neil Fachie [Peter Mitchell], James Ball [Craig MacLean], Sophie Thornhill [Helen Scott], Lora Turnham [Corrine Hall], Jon-Allan Butterworth, Louis Rolfe, Jody Cundy, Kadeena Cox, Crystal Lane, Megan Giglia, Sarah Storey

Natasha Baker [Cabral], Anne Dunham [Lucas Normark], Sophie Christiansen [Athene Lindebjerg], Lee Pearson [Zion], Sophie Wells [Valerius]

Brazil, Ukraine, Ireland

Michael Barker, James Blackwell, Matt Crossen, Martin Hickman, Sean Highdale, Liam Irons, Ryan Kay, David Leavy, Giles Moore, Ollie Nugent, Jonathan Paterson, David Porcher, Emyle Rudder, Jack Rutter
Jonathan Drane, Sam Ingram, Chris Skelley, Jack Hodgson, Natalie Greenhough
Ian Marsden, Nick Beighton, Robert Oliver, Jeanette Chippington, Emma Wiggs, Anne Dickins

Phil Hogg, Joe Townsend, Andy Lewis, Ryan Taylor, David Hill, George Peasgood, Claire Cunningham, Faye McClelland, Lauren Steadman, Alison Patrick [Hazel Smith], Melissa Reid [Nicole Walters]
Zoe Newson, Natalie Blake, Ali Jawad, Micky Yule
Tom Aggar, Rachel Morris, Laurence Whiteley-Lauren Rowles, Grace Clough-Daniel Brown-Pam Relph-James Fox-Oliver James (cox)
Helena Lucas, Niki Birrell-Alex Rickham, John Robertson-Stephen Thomas-Hannah Stodel
Stewart Nangle, Owen Burke, Issy Bailey, Matt Skelhon, James Bevis, Ryan Cockbill, Richard Davies, Tim Jeffery, Karen Butler, Ben Jesson, Lorraine Lambert

Jonathan Booth, Stephen Clegg, Josef Craig, James Crisp, Ryan Crouch, Jonathan Fox, Thomas Hamer, Ollie Hynd, Michael Jones, Sascha Kindred, Aaron Moores, Andrew Mullen, Scott Quin, Lewis White, Matthew Wylie
Jessica-Jane Applegate, Claire Cashmore, Bethany Firth, Charlotte Henshaw, Abby Kane, Harriet Lee, Amy Marren, Stephanie Millward, Rebecca Redfern, Ellie Robinson, Susie Rodgers, Hannah Russell, Ellie Simmonds, Stephanie Slater, Alice Tai
Table tennis
Paul Davies, Rob Davies, Jack Hunter-Spivey, Paul Karabardak, David Wetherill, Will Bayley, Aaron McKibbin, Ross Wilson, Ashley Facey-Thompson, Kim Daybell; Jane Campbell, Sara Head, Susan Gilroy
Wheelchair basketball
Brazil, Iran, United States, Algeria, Germany

Harry Brown, Simon Brown, Terry Bywater, Gaz Choudhry, Abdi Jama, Lee Manning, Kyle Marsh, Simon Munn, Ade Orogbemi, Phil Pratt, Ian Sagar, Greg Warburton
Women - GROUP Brazil, Germany, Canada, Argentina

Jordanna Bartlett, Sophie Carrigill, Amy Conroy, Leah Evans, Helen Freeman, Clare Griffiths, Joy Haizelden, Judith Hamer, Robyn Love, Charlotte Moore, Katie Morrow, Laurie Williams

Wheelchair fencing

Piers Gilliver, Dimitri Coutya, Gemma Collis

Wheelchair rugby

Canada, Australia, Brazil

Alan Ash, Coral Batey, Ayaz Bhuta, Jonathan Coggan, Ryan Cowling, Bulbul Hussain, Mike Kerr, Jim Roberts, Chris Ryan, Mandip Sehmi, Jamie Stead, Gavin Walker
Wheelchair tennis
Alex Hewitt, Marc McCarroll, David Phillipson, Gordon Reid; Louise Hunt, Lucy Shuker, Jordanne Whiley; Jamie Burdekin, Antony Cotterill, Andy Lapthorne; Alfie Hewitt-Gordon Reid, Marc McCarroll-David Phillipson; Lucy Shuker-Jordanne Whiley; Jamie Burdekin-Andy Lapthorne